Do Nose Reshaping Devices Work? I Am Trying to Correct an Asymmetrical Nose Tip. (photo)

I recently came across a device called Nose Magic that claims to be able to reshape the nose by applying pressure to the cartilage. I am tempted to try it even though it seems to good to be true because I device is relatively inexpensive. Am I risking permanent damage to my nose by using this device? Also, has any doctor actually tried one of these devices before dismissing it as ineffective?

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Revision rhinoplasty will probably outperform the “Nose Magic" device.

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Dear “Greenman”:

I am not familiar with the “Nose Magic” device.  However, I have certainly seen lots of other devices that purport to change the shape of the nose. Unfortunately, none of them are successful. 

These devices cannot be successful, regardless of the cost, because you are asking a mechanical device to reshape the structures of the nose.  It just cannot happen.  It can’t reshape the nose anymore than waving a magic wand over it can fix a dent in your car.

I doubt that you are risking any permanent damage to your nose, but frankly you are not likely to have any results. 

Based on the photo that you showed me, it is certainly possible for you to have improvement, but it is going to take surgery done by a very experienced, highly specialized nasal surgeon. 

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose Magic - Nose Reshaping Device

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This is most certainly a waste of money.  The cartilage has "memory" and will just go back to its original position unless it is altered surgically.

Should be OK

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The device should not harm your nose.
I have not used it in patients.
It would be like taping back or tightly wrapping protruding ears for permanent pin back.
Molding the ears and the nose can work on neonates, but has not worked for adults.
Best wishes.

Nasal device to reshape nose

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I'm not aware of this device; however, I have not seen any scientific evidence for any mechanical device that shapes the nasal cartilage found over the counter or without surgery.  Good Luck!

Treating Bulbous Noses with CO2 Laser

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External devices for this problem will not do much — most of the time they are just gimmicks and they don’t do anything of any significance. If you are opposed to a surgical procedure, I would recommend finding a really top notch laser doc who can review with you potential options using a CO2 laser — something we treat bulbous noses with regularly.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Good news and bad news for your nose

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The bad news is the external clamp devices don't work.  The good news is your nose can definitely be improved either with or without surgery.  You have a moderate concavity on the right side of your nose and some slight irregularity along the dorsum.  Placing some dermafiller in the concavity and along your nasal bridge will make the nose look smoother, stronger, and better.

It helps if you can find someone who specializes in non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Good luck in your search for information.

Nonsurgical Nose Shaping

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You have a mild deviation of the nose and a bulbous nasal tip. These cannot be corrected by any compression nasal clip but require a nose operation. I would highly recommend you not waste your money on this device.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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