Do Nose Braces Really Work?

I broke my nose when I was younger and have always wanted to get it fixed. You see a lot of ads for "braces" that can supposedly straighten a nose over time. Do these devices actually work? I know braces on teeth use pressure to effectively move your teeth, so the concept seems plausible.

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Nose braces don't work.

Unfortunately its a scam. There are external nasal dilators like the nasal strips found in pharmacies. These work by pulling the nostrils apart. There are internal nasal stents that push the nostrils apart and improve breathing. They too work. But unlike dental braces, there isn't yet any which appear to help. The only non-surgical way of improving the appearance of the nose is tissue fillers like Restylane.

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It's a scam.

The con artists foisting these various nose braces are preying on the public's understanding of orthodontic braces to dupe them into buying these devices for the nose.

Unfortunately, there is no nasal equivalent to dental braces. The hyaline cartilage of the nose has suprisingly robust "memory"--meaning that it wants to return to its original shape even after a long period of deformation.

One of the most visible marketers of this nonsense has especially ludicrous statements on its website. The so-called testimonials by so-called "doctors" read like they were written by a fourth-grader with poor English skills...and no understanding of medical or scientific terminology. And it contains weirdly juxtaposed recommendations such as recommending that users wear it a minimum of 15 minutes a day, but also that users wear it no more than one hour a day.

It's pure fraud. Those braces will get rid of yuor money, not your nasal disproportion.

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The best way to straighten a nose is with a septorhinoplasty

There is no good scientific evidence that a brace will straighten the nose over time. Using an external or internal appliance to correct the nose will unlikely be effective.  Even with surgery correction of a twisted nose can be difficult.

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