15 weeks after hair transplant. How is this result? (Photo)

Seriously, how is this result after almost 4 months?

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It can take 6 to 12 months after surgery to see results. There isn't much you can you do other than wait at this point.

It can take 6 to 12 months after surgery to see results.  There isn't much you can you do other than wait at this point.

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15 weeks post op HT results

Looks a bit thin but no way to make an intelligent comment until 8 months 

good luck

J Vogel, MD

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15 weeks and no growth yet

At 15 weeks I would not necessarily expect growth but it should be starting in one to two months from now. At 8 months you will see about 80% of the results out

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Wait to judge a hair transplant result

You cannot judge your result now. You likely have shed most of your transplants are in a resting state. Your new hairs will grow in the coming months.  Just try to stay patient at this time.  Wait at least 6 months before judging the result. You may see improvement as far as 1-2 years out. Best of luck. 

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4 months

even without knowing the type of surgery you had, 4 months is early and only showing the first signs of growth. Not all of the transplant grows at the same time or the same rate. It takes anywhere from 12 -15 months to get a full result. 

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Hair Regrowth After Hair Transplant

Thank you for your pictures, once you have the hair transplant the transplanted hairs initially fall out and start to re-grow in a few months. Month by month the density increases and you will be see the final result by 18 months.  Please take pictures regularly so you can monitor any hair growth.

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Too early

It is to early to tell and results can take 18 months depending on if you did fut, fue, neograft, artas and so forth. Also remember not all transplants produce results so make sure to maintain close follow up.

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