Is it possible to redo my double eyelid surgery to make it look more natural? (Photo)

I got a double eyelid surgery 7 years ago and although I don't like it I've been dealing with it. I've been recently wondering if it was fixable. I would love to make it look more natural. Possibly even smaller if that's even an option.

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Can I lower my crease? Revision Asian eyelid surgery

It maybe possible to revise your surgery. In a revision Asian eyelid surgery case like yours often times use an incision technique with anchoring sutures to lower the crease and possibly even fat grafting. Of course you need and actually violation for a new for sure what the plan would be but I'm assuming there's a lack of extra skin and possibly some missing fat from your prior surgery. I'll attach a link that may have a few examples cases somewhat similar to yours.

Chase Lay, MD

Asian eyelid surgery specialist

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Revision double eyelid surgery

Hello sandeechoie, thank you for your question and photo.  As far as revision surgery goes, a lot of it depends on how the previous surgery was done, and whether you have enough extra skin for the revision surgery to achieve the natural look you desire.  There are different anchoring techniques that may potentially give you a more natural look.  However, an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Asian blepharoplasty is warranted for more specific recommendations.  Good luck!
Goretti H. Taghva MD

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
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This is from Girin Plastic Surgery.

Was it incision operation for your first surgery?
Revision can make your eyelid's nature, but don't expect too much.
In addition, if you do fat graft on your swollen eyes area, your eyes will be looking less tired and helpful to eyelid's looks nature. Thank you.

Hoon Song, MD
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Double eyelid surgery

It is difficult to answer your question without an in person evaluation. Double eye lid surgery is performed using various techniques therefore details regarding your past surgery are important. In some cases ptosis correction can be performed with this surgery. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss the surgical technique that would give you the best result. Good luck. James Lee

James Lee, MD
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