How to get a more feminine profile? (Photos)

I want to make my profile more feminine. I feel everything about it is too harsh and prominent, especially my nose. What are some options I can choose to soften up my prominent facial features?

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Facial feminization

Based on your profile I would recommend considering a feminization rhinoplasty as well as consider some forehead work - contouring and scalp advancement. Your forehead is actually round but there is some prominence that can be contoured to represent a better, more feminine profile. I think that your chin and cheeks are perfect. Hope this helps, Best, Vartan Mardirossian MD

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Facial Feminization

First, you are absolutely lovely and many women would kill for such full lips, brows and big eyes!  If you want to soften your face a bit, I agree that starting with the nose will make a big change.  After that I think you would be very happy, but if you wanted more change you could make small adjustments to the chin (reduce it slightly) and/or add a little more fullness to the cheeks.  These do not need much change though, I would do the nose first and then see how you like it.Best of luck,

Dr Rodman

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Rhinoplasty would be step one

Based on your photographs I would agree with your assessment.  I think your nose has some masculine features and refining it would make a big difference in your overall appearance.  Your brow and chin are also strong.  Changing these would make a much smaller difference and have a more significant recovery, and your full cheeks balance these features well.  Your surgeon will me able to tell you how all of these features relate to one another in a face to face consult. Bryan Rolfes, MD

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