How to make my face look more feminine. (photo)

My face is too long and narrow and eyes are very close together. It's also rather asymmetric but not sure much can be done about that. I feel that my face has a rather masculine appearance which has been commented on by others before. Obviously I can't change my actual bone structure but is there something more subtle that can be done to the soft tissue to give me a more feminine appearance?

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Small changes can make a big difference

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There are some things about a face that you cannot change, like the distance between your eyes.  You can, though, change the relative appearance of some of these immobile features by adjusting other features that are more malleable.  For instance, making the base of your nose thinner will make your eyes seem farther apart.  You can indeed change your bone structure.  In fact MOST of the bones in the face can be adjusted to some degree.  Your forehead can be changed a small amount, and the bones of your midface and jaw can be significantly altered.  Not all surgeons do this type of procedure, so ask about this when scheduling your consult.

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Rhinoplasty and chihreduction will help greatly to feminize your face. /A brow lift can slightly raise your brows and Lower your hairline with a visible scar. See several facial feminization surgeons and look fat their before/after photos and especially the hairline with the chair pulled back.Look for a surgeon whose noses etc look natural and not overdone.

Toby Mayer, MD
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