What can be done with my asymmetrical face to achieve symmetry, balance and femininity?

I know all faces are asymmetrical but my case is has made me very insecure about myself. I never allow anyone to take pics of me because it's so different to what I see in the mirror due to how uneven my face is. I especially feel my droopy left eye and my chin area are the main causes to the asymmetry, as well as uneven cheeks and lack of fullness all over. I have a very oval and flat looking face. Already taken cheek fillers but still lacking alot of volume to my face. Appreciate your opinion.

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You are right, everyone has some asymmetry

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Everyone has a tall side and a short side to their face, and the left side of your face appears to be your short side.  Fillers can help with some of this asymmetry, but adjusting your chin would also likely help.  You may also want to consider facial fat injections, this may be a better value than repeated large volumes of filler.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

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