How long do side effects of Cosmelan 2- Maintenance Cream last?

Started Cosmelan 2 - Cream alone. Per company, can use sans Cosemelan 1, so don't address that. Finished week 1, 2x daily, with Vita-K. Skin peeled, had swelling, redness in one area (stopped using there until subsided). Question, skin's peely, very tight, dry, pink in places, how long is this to last? Have to use indefinitely, but can't live with my skin this way (no make-up, shy in public). Have very light olive skin, Fitzpatrick 3-4, Love results but when will my face will feel normal?

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Redness from Cosmelan

When I do a Cosmelan peel (and home care products) on my patients, I also give them a prescription strength hydrocortisone cream to use. This calms any associated redness, tightness, or dryness. Since adding this into the regimen I haven't had any patients with prolonged redness or irritation.

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Cosmelan Usage

Hi Kitty.  Cosmelan II MD has Retin A in it, which can cause the redness, tightness and irritation you are experiencing.  This is one of the main complaints that our current patients that previously used Cosmelan have about it.  

As for how to correct this, you just need to back off usage until the skin calms down.  

We have an alternative high strength hydroquinone that does not use Retin A to exfoliate the skin because it is a liquid and penetrates much easier than alternative treatments like Cosmelan.  It is also more affordable than Cosmelan.  

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