Woke up with brown stains on my tooth? (Photos)

Hey! I check my teeth regularly as I am very concious of them. I have good oral hygiene: brushing twice a day, using mouthwash twice a day, oil pulling twice a day and using floss once a day. However, this morning I noticed that there are a couple of brown stains on my first maxillary right premolar. These stains were not here last night:( I've booked an appointment at my dentist. Does anyone know what this could be I.e. a cavity or staining. Can it be removed at the dentist, is so how? Thanks!

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Staining... not a cavity

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Looks like simple surface staining. This should polish right off.  Do you drink coffee, tea or red wine?  These are common causes of surface stain.  Are you taking iron supplements or using chew-able vitamins.  These can cause staining as well.

Douglas Jopling, DDS

Dallas,TX area

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