Front tooth stained and discolored. What can I do? (photos)

Is it possible to whiten or correct the staining on my front middle tooth? It stains quicker than the rest. It's been filled. Would replacing the filling correct it? Is there a way to protect a filling so it doesn't stain again? My dentist x rayed the tooth and found it was not dead and did not have a new cavity. She said I would have to get an ~$900 cap to fix it, because the tooth underneath the filling is probably just yellower. Prior to the filling, this tooth was not discolored.

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Stained tooth

Hello! thanks for write!. Bonding is indicate for patients that do not drink coffee or food with colorant because it will always be discoloured by the time. In spite of composite is cheaper than any other porcelain veneer, people should be a good candidate for it. I personally recommended you a teeth whitening and them replace the actual bonding with a porcelain veneer. You have to work with an especialist in esthetic dentistry to get really good results including the color. Asl you can go for dental tourism in another country where you can found cheaper prices. 
Good luck!

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Discolored front tooth

Great Question--with discolored teeth--you have 2 options--either bleach or cover the tooth--in this case it sounds like the composite and or tooth behind it is darkening --porcelain is a great option and composite in the hands of an accomplished cosmetic dentist can be a great option as well--the right materials in the hands of a dentist trained in cosmetic composite bonding can look great for many years. Good luck

Discolored Front Tooth

This discoloration can only be corrected by placing an all porcelain crown on the tooth.  Good luck.

Scott Young, DDS
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