Is It Normal to Have New Bruising at 5 Weeks Post Op for Lipo of Flanks and Tummy Tuck?

I have new, light bruising and swelling at end of and above tt incision line where I had lipo at 5 weeks post op. I had hardly any swelling for 3-4 weeks and my bruising cleared in 1 week. However i still have pain on flanks when i massage or try to sleep on sides and it kind of burns. I just noticed that i now have some new bruising and swelling on flanks. Not a lot but noticeable. Is this normal or could it be a seroma on both sides? Any suggestions to help dissipate it?

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New bruising

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It is highly unlikely to have new bruising unless there is some trauma. This could be residual bruising that is now resolving

New York Plastic Surgeon

New Bruising at 5 Weeks Post Op

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This is not easy to evaluate without at least a photo. It does not sound like something of concern. Some small bruises may not be noticeable early on until the breakdown products of the red cells find there way to the surface. If the swelling is new it is possible that there is a seroma, although without a photo it is a hard call. At any rate a call in to your surgeon seems appropriate.

Thanks and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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