Is It Normal That my Ortho Charges Me for Retainers (600$) After my Envisalign Treatment?

My envisalign treatment cost me 6500$....and now, at the end of the treatment, she says I have to pay 600$ for the retainers..., is it normal? Does she have the right?

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Retainer costs after Invisalign

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Each doctor has his own fee schedule and different doctors may charge for  procedures differently.  In orthodontics, the norm is to have all expected expenses spelled out in a contract before treatment starts, so there are no surprises.  It sounds like you are surprised, so I would suggest re-reading the contract that you signed at the beginning of treatment.  Perhaps only a particular type of retainer was covered.  The contract should govern and simplify the situation.  And, of course, you should speak to your doctor to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution.

Seattle Orthodontist

Charge for retainers

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This should have been spelled out in the initial contract you signed for your treatment....If it was not then I think you have a legitimate beef with the orthodontist if he/she wants to add an additional charge.

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Retainers can be charged for separately

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I always include the first set of retainers in my total Invisalign fee, and I explain that to my patients at the onset of treatment. I do charge for new retainers after the first set. I suggest changing the retainers every 3-4 months, as they tend to lose their rigidity. Invisalign has a system of Vivera retainers which will be shipped directly to you every 3 months.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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