My Invisalign Didnt Work After Completing 23 Trays, What Went Wrong? (photo)

ive been wearing my last tray for the 7th week as what i was told..and she has also added some metal buttons on my lower inside teeth and top outside ones to help with my overbite problem (on one side) but i'm losing my confidence on this system (or the doc not sure which one it is) since i was told i should be doing this for another 3 more months and see?! my overjet is still pretty wide that i dont think it would achieve the similation result i saw.should the doc be doing something different?

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You Might Need to Finish Things Out with Braces (Clear Ones)

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The overbite you are talking about sounds like what we in the biz call buccal overjet (which you can see a bit in the picture on your right side). This is partly an arch coordination issue (top arch not fitting the bottom) and partly that your left side is still a bit Class II and the top teeth there need to be move back a bit to fit better.

The cross elastics and aligners aren't going to do the trick. Though it is a little tough to tell from one photo alone, you probably need to finish up with braces and potentially an additional appliance to fix the class II problem on your left side.

Braces are really your best bet at coordinating your arches and fixing your bite at this point, since there are likely movements required in fixing your bite that Invisalign won't be able to achieve efficiently.

I would hesitate to say that Invisalign didn't work at all. It may have been able to do about 80% of the work, but just won't get you all the way there. The tooth movements on the ClinCheck don't really obey the laws of physics many times and sometimes teeth don't move as well as some would like from time to time.

Allentown Orthodontist

Invisalign success has more than one definition

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What is a success to one person may be a failure to another.  Overjet and overbite can be challenging with Invisalign, and it is possible that the alignment of the teeth after 23 trays is much improved, just not perfect.  

The photo provided is difficult to cast an opinion, but mid course corrections are common with Invisalign.  Teeth don't always move as anticipated, so additional aligners are needed to fine tune the case.

Further treatment necessary to correct your bite

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Ask your dentist if he thinks a "mid-course correction" could be used to complete your case to your liking. The dentist has to be very specific in his instructions to Invisalign that he wants the overjet completely corrected.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Why didn't Invisalign work?

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Not knowing what you looked like when you started, it is hard to say how successful Invisalign has been.  The fact is that 23 aligners is typically around 1year of treatment and many difficult orthodontic overbite cases often take significantly longer to fix even with regular braces.

It is not unusual that additional aligners are needed near the end of complex Invisalign treatment....ask your doc exactly how he/she plans to finish your case befor worrying any further!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign Case

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Invisalign has it's limitations and some doctors are more experienced with it than others. Don't be in a rush.  I would give your doctor the opportunity to work it out.  In general, things don't always work out as we plan.  You have to be clear about treatment goals from the outset.  Perhaps invisalign straightened your front teeth but still left you with overjet - that is acceptable to some people and not others.  Good communication before starting treatment is really important.  If all else fails, then it never hurts to get additional opinions. 

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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