Is It Normal to Have a 10 Pound Weight Gain 5 Days After Bbl & Lypo?

I had a bbl and lypo 5 days ago and have gained 10 pounds. I'm getting scared as I'm eating heathly and have worked very hard to get down to my goal weight. I maintained for a year and was expecting to be 10 pounds less after purchasing the medifast system since I couldn't exercise while recoving. I know I'm swelking but what should I do about the weight gain? Is this normal and will the weight go away?

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Weight gain 1 week after lipo

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Yes, it is normal to gain weight in the immediate post-operative period.  This is water weight due to post-operatie swelling.  Your body will mobilize the fluid over the next several weeks and you will urinate out the extra fluid.  Once you have completely healed, and your surgeon gives you the okay, you should resume your exercise regimen to get back on track.

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Weight gain immediately after surgery/liposuction

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It comes as an unexpected, even scary, surprise to patients that more often than not gain weight immediately after having surgery, including liposuction.  Although it seems counterintuitive, it is actually expected to gain weight because of the swelling (fluid retention) incurred by the surgical truama.  Usually starting around the third or fourth day after surgery the body will start to diurese (let go of the fluid via excessive urination) and weight loss will slowly but surely ensue.  By maintaining a low salt diet you will help hasten this process.  Glad to help...RAS 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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Swelling and Weight Gain After Brazilian Buttlift

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Swelling and a 10 lb weight gain 5 days after Brazilian buttlift could be anticipated.  As you diurese over the next several days, your weight will reduce accordingly.

Fluid retention after surgery can cause temporary weight gain

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It is common to retain fluid after surgery, and a 10 lb weight gain is not unusual. It will go away in about a month.

John Squires, MD
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