Natural Breast Lift

I have sagging boobs and want to know what treatment is available. I don't want to do cosmetic surgery.

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Unfortunately not

There is no durable way to lift and reshape ptotic or droopy breasts without some type of surgical intervention. There are some laser companies that claim that their lasers, when applied onto the breast skin, can "lift" the breast, but when you look carefully at their before and after pictures, there is very little if any improvement, and certainly if you need a significant lift or have thin skin, this will absolutely not work.

If you are truly averse to any type of surgical procedure, the only option that isleft is a good bra with excellent support.

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If you are a suitable candidate, we can use your own breast tissue from the lower pole of your breast to provide more upper pole fullness. We have completed a 7 year study on the Naturabra internal autologous bra technique that shows that the results are long lasting and maintain the shape and projection of the breast while obviating a need for an implant. This usually involves a vertical approach which keeps the scars to a minimum as well.

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Breast Lift

Mastopexy is a procedure to move the nipple areola to a normal position, reduce the areolar size to a youthful diameter, remove and even up sagging tissue, and create a fuller more youthful shape to the breast mound. it can often be done without an implant as long as you understand that you will be slightly smaller after the surgery and not have as much cleavage and upper pole fullness as women that choose an implant. Look at lots of picture of before/after of women with and without implants and decide what is right for you. Good Luck!!

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Natural breast lift

Your breasts can appear lifted by wearing certain bras or clothing.  However, if you truly want your breasts to be lifted, you will need a surgical procedure.  This could be with or without implants.  

Best of luck,

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Scarless breast lift

If the reason you don't want surgery is due to scarring, large incision, or significant downtime then the new scarless breast lift may be an alternative. This procedure involves injection of tumescent fluid and soft tissue heating with a bipolar radiofrequency device. The character of the soft tissue that has lost its internal support is permanently changed due to the stimulus of a collagen scaffold within the subcutaneous tissue just beneath the skin.

While scarless breast lifting is a relatively new procedure, results persist from 2-4 years or even longer.

This procedure is minimally invasive, the only scar points are from the injection sites. Good candidacy requires the need for mild to moderate correction only however.

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Breast enhancement

Restoring shape and volume is what breast enhancement procedures are all about.  When there is loose skin, this must be addressed.  There are many options available with different lift procedures and a multitude of breast implant options.  Here is a basic list of the four options available:

  1. Breast lift alone (mastopexy)
  2. Breast lift combined with a small breast implant (below the muscle)
  3. Breast lift followed by a large breast implant (2 separate procedures)
  4. Breast implant alone (on top of the muscle, silicone)

Every woman is built differently and every breast is different, even on the same person.  So, each procedure is customized for every individual.  The final decision on how to proceed can be made after a history and physical examination, detailed measurements, photographs, computer simulation, trying on sizers, reviewing before and after photographs of other women similar in shape and size and talking with your surgeon.  A surgical plan will be developed that depends on:

  • Patient desires
  • The breast "footprint"
  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • Cost
  • Down time
  • Scars
  • Risks and potential complications

Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs breast enhancement procedures frequently.  This is an outpatient procedure with a quick recovery and a very high patient satisfaction rating.

Good Luck!

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Natural Breast Lift?

Unfortunately there is no reliable & feasible way of achieving a natural breast lift without surgical intervention. Your breast may appear higher & lifted with certain styles of brasserie, but to have a true natural breast lift effect with optimisation of shape, size & symmetry, some forms of a surgical breast lift procedure will be required.

Like I always tell my patients, I'm only a plastic surgeon, not a magician!

Best wishes

Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy, FRACS(Plast)
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Natural Breast Lift

The best option if you really don't want to undergo surgery is to make an investment in excellent undergarments. See a qualified bra fitter. You would be amazed at the outcome you can find when the proper bra is selected and worn properly. Good luck.

Richard Zienowicz, MD
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If you have saggy breasts, the only way to lift them would be through a surgical procedure.  Avoid all creams, laser treatments etc as you would be throwing away your money. 

Elliot Duboys, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Someday, Perhaps, But Lifting and Adding Volume are Still the Gold Standard.

Scars can be minimized by restoring volume with an implant or with fat grafting.  

Many attempts at at nonsurgical skin tightening and minimally invasive techniques to lasso the breast to a higher position have been and are being tried. Sadly, none of these have risen to the expected level of 'safe and reliable'.  

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