Non Surgical Nose Job Before Rhinoplasty?

I am planning to have nose job next year because I can't afford it now. Can I have a non surgical nose job before true rhinoplasty surgery, or will a non surgical nose job prevent me from being able to have a rhinoplasty next year?

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Combining surgical and non-surgical nose jobs

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A surgical rhinoplasty will correct your structural nasal problems potentially improving your breathing permanently. The procedure can also improve the balance and symmetry of the nose.  Your nasal  appearance can be improved.  The non surgical approach can also improve your appearance.  Surgery can be performed after injectable fillers, but there may be more scarring or inflammatory response at the time of the surgery.   In experienced hands the outcome of the surgery most likely will be unchanged.  But you should consider whether you want to spend the extra funds for the fillers and then the added expense for a definitive procedure.  You may just want to save your funds for the final procedure.  However, if you are not sure if a rhinoplasty is right for you, a temporary filler is an excellent way to "try it out".

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Non-surgical nose job or Rhinoplasty with fillers is temporary, a Rhinoplasty is your best option

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I am assuming that you mean soft tissue fillers like Restylane, Radiesse, or Juvederm when you speak of a non-surgical nose job.

These fillers are helpful most often in correcting deformities caused by too much tissue removal or other problem after a surgical nose job called a Rhinoplasty.

If you want to reduce the size of your nose, narrow or refine the tip of ypour nose or remove a bump or hump from your nose, a surgical Rhinoplasty is your best option.

Filler injections do leave scars behind, and I would prefer to operate on a nose that has not been injected or manipulated in any way. I believe you will get the best result by waiting.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty not recommended before Rhinoplasty surgery

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A filler such as Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane can last up to 8 months in the nose.  With that being said, I would not recommend having a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty so close to your anticipated surgical date.  During your consultation, your doctor will be assessing your nose and determining the surgical procedures that will address your issues.  He/she will not be able to accurately determine your problems if there is still filler left.  Once you have waited for all the filler to dissolve, I recommend finding a board certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who understands your goals and has the expertise to get you the result you want.  I hope this information helps!

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Non-surgical will not prevent surgical rhinoplasty, but may affect procedure planning and your result if the injected product is still present at time of consultation.  If procedure is planned and performed with filler still in place, then filler dissipates months after the rhinoplasty, this will obviously affect your outcome.

Hard to anticipate exactly how long some injected products last.  I've seen Restylane and Juvederm, which are only supposed to last six months or so, still be present two years (and longer) after placement.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty before a real one?

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Judging by your photo, your nasal profile is straight, and doesn't have an obvious "bump" (dorsal hump).  There is really nothing that filler injection (the non-surgical rhinoplasty) would be able to offer you as an improvement.

Your nose is a little long, and some tip rotation at the time of surgery would be a key part of improving the appearance.

My advice:  wait for the real thing.

Wait until next year for your surgery

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Not everyone is a candidate for non-surgical nose job, so you need to get evaluated by an expert in surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty so they can determine what is best for you.  Sometimes it is better NOT to have anything done (ie putting fillers into your nose that may or may not improve the aesthetics).  If you are planning to have a rhinoplasty next year I would hold off putting anything in your nose until that time, as fillers can remain in your nose for a long period of time.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No substitute for surgery

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'Non-surgical rhinoplasty' is a misnomer, period. There is no substitute for rhinoplasty that involves fillers. If you are considering a rhinoplasty in the future, do not let anyone inject fillers into your nose. This can distort the nasal soft tissues and make the surgery much more difficult. Additionally, you may be at a higher risk for complications. My advice to you is to wait until you have the surgery. You will be happy you did.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Temporary rhinoplasty before a surgical rhinoplasty.

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Sure it can be done. But looking at your picture I'm not sure you need it. However your examining surgeon is better situated to make the call. Its best and safest to stage the two such that the tissue filler has completely absorbed before surgery. It will allow for more exact surgery by no longer distorting the tissues.

Fillers alternative

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Fillers can be considered to address mild deformities (particularly mild depressions or asymmetries). It is best to use a hyaluronic product (ie. Restylane, Juvederm, etc) rather than a filler that lasts very long (ie Radiesse), especially since you are planning on a formal rhinoplasty in the near future. It is best to have your nose evaluated by a surgeon because the best option may likely be simply pursue surgery when you're ready because fillers may not be the answer for your concerns.

Corey S. Maas, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Don't use fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty if definitely planning surgery in near future

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Given the appearance of your nose, it is not likely that a nonsurgical nose job can really achieve any significant change in your nose.

Depending on what you want to achieve, fillers may be an option but as the other physicians have suggested, I would recommend hyaluronic agents i.e., restylane or juvederm and NOT radiesse if you are contemplating a surgical rhinoplasty. The hyaluronic acid can be enzymatically removed prior to surgery.

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