If I have erosive oral lichen planus (OLP), can I get Rejuvagum or LANAP without doing root planing first?

Due to erosive OLP, I've begun to see the roots of my back teeth exposed. My insurance co. would only consider covering GTR / Rejuvagum if I first did root scaling and planing (RS/P). I hesitate to do so because my gums are delicate / sensitive (& RS/P seems meant for erosion due to periodontal disease, not an autoimmune condition). Can I, or should I do GTR or LANAP therapy without it? Or Lanap therapy instead of RS/P? (And finally, would using lasers on my gums be a bad idea?)

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I have seen great results with patients whom have had a combination of LANAP and the use of topical antioxidants such as PerioSciences. While this treatment has yielded tremendous results, follow up care with a 2-3 months recall schedule is important. Because the LANAP works best on inflammed tissues, it is not mandatory to precede this treatment regimen with scaling and root planing.  

Laser Gum Therapy

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Hi, thank you for your question. I see that your concerns are with your OLP and possibly some periodontal disease secondarily. OLP is a skin condition that happens inside your mouth and there is presently no cure but you can manage it very well. If you have a combination of OLP with periodontal disease, then you would need some sort of periodontal therapy like scaling and root planing and/or laser therapy on the gums. All of these treatments can be performed even if you have OLP. Guided tissue rejuvenation or Rejuvagum can be performed on patients with OLP although it will not cure your condition. Please seek the advise of a periodontist that has experience with OLP so together you can review the best course of treatment. Good luck!

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