What Are the Major Differences Between LANAP and Waterlaser MD?

My goal as a patient is to reduce sulcus depth. No dentist will recommend either procedure if he does not have the equipment to begin with. Thanks.

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LANAP VS Waterlase lasers for gum treatment

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LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a laser procedure specifically designed to treat periodontal disease. It (along with Scaling and root planing) cleans out and disinfects the pockets, kills specifically pathologic bacteria, loosens tartar under the gum, targets the diseased gum tissue and leaves a fresh healthy gum to re-attach to the tooth. This eliminates pockets and leaves a healthy environment which is maintainable by the patient. It also avoids flap surgery which is very uncomfortable and leaves the teeth sensitive due to root exposure. This is done by periodontists with the proper training in LANAP. The protocol includes adjusting the bite to reduce stresses on teeth as well.

Waterlase is a laser that has many applications (both hard and soft tissues) but it does not have a specific protocol for treating gum disease like LANAP.

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What is the differences between waterlases LANP?

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Both attempt to give you a decrease in pocket depth... which many times can be done without either procedure. Consider having your teeth cleaned at a dentist every 3 months and consider using the products periostat, perioguard and prevident and then reevaluate the pocket depth, Laser, surgery and mechinical are ways to decrease pockets I have just suggested chemical good luck



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Laser perio

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LANAP is the only laser that is even designed to help with reattachment. Waterlase is hard and soft tissue laser that is designed for prepping teeth, bony surgery, and gingival recontouring. Much debate surrounds this procedure as standard of care and laser vs. SRP perio treatment depends on practitioners skill, knowledge base, and technology. If you do not trust the dds then get other opinions. 

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