Nipples Don't Sit the Same, and Point Outward Instead of Forward? (photo)

Hi all, my breast seem to look quite didferent. My nipples arnt sitting on the same level so to speak, also if I get implants, I have a fear they will sit far apart like my natural breasts and the nipples will turn even more outward than they are now...

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Nipples point outward instead of forward

Thank you for your photos and great question!  Yes, you are correct.  Implants will give you fuller breasts but your nipples will still go out to the side.  Look at before and after photos of women who's breasts are similar to yours and see if you like the results.  Go see a board certified plastic surgeon from there so you discuss what you could expect.  ac

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Implants Will Not Improve Nipple Position

Thank you for your pictures.  Implants only follow the natural breast form.  You are correct that the increase in size will make your nipples appear further apart.

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Breast augmentation and nipple position concerns

Thank you for your question and photos.  This is a common question that women have.  The nipples are naturally divergent, meaning they point out to the sides a little bit.  Your nipple position is nothing unusual.  Each breast has a "footprint" on the chest, which cannot be changed.  That is where your breast is naturally connected to the chest wall and cannot be changed.  Implants need to be placed under the breast tissue centrally to "augment" the breast.  A breast augmentation does not change the position of the breast on the chest wall, it simply "augments" or pushes it out further.  Your nipple position will be unchanged and will have a nice, natural look.  You can have a very nice result. 

Best of luck


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, I have a fear they will sit far apart like my natural breasts and the nipples will turn even more outward

Your fear is correct and appropriate. Implants will probably exaggerate the current breast position, and moving the nipples toward the center though possible would probably leave scars that most would find worse that the initial appearance, which is a normal variant, and not unattractive. 

All the best. 

Nipples position and implants

Implants will only magnify the differences of two breasts. The nipples will still point off to the sides if they do already.

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Nipples Don't Sit the Same, and Point Outward Instead of Forward?

As mentioned, your chest wall curves outward and your nipples are on the outside of your breast. If you try to place the implants more in the center, it will only make your nipples look farther out as they will not be centered on the implant, but rather, will be on the outside of the implant. That is why everyone says that you must center the implant on the breast mound. I will tell you from experience dealing with patients that are shaped similar to you, that you can get a very nice result with an augmentation and will be happy with your shape.

Breast anatomy and asymmetry after surgery

An implant rests on the ribs.  If your ribcage or base platform is angled outward then the implants will only enhance this shape.  There are just some anatomic variants that can not be corrected.  Unfortunately there are no wedges that can be used to force the implants toward the midline. 

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Nipples Don't Sit the Same, and Point Outward Instead of Forward?

Yes you have anatomically dissimilar breasts. And Yes implant will magnify these issues in your case. //

Widely spaced nipples

Your photos show that your nipples are wide apart...this is the anatomy that you were born with.  Your surgeon has to center the implant below your nipples so your breasts will have a wide space between them out of can get cleavage with the proper bra though.  If you try to use a large implant, it will also give you a lot of lateral fullness or"side boob"...some patients like this, some do not.

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Subtle breast asymmetry can be improved.


Your asymmetry is not bad.  The trick is to make sure that the breast implant pockets are CENTERED under each nipple and not pushed too close together.

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