Would it be possible to flatten my forehead to make it look "east asian"? (Photo)

i am half asian and half white and unfortunately i have a western forehead and i don't like it on me, considering my dad is the one with the thick forehead,i end up looking like a male with my forehead even though I'm female. would it be possible to do a bony forehead reduction to make my forehead flat like asians? lets say my forehead is 1-1.5 cm more "out" than the rest of my face..i would like to make my forehead sort of flat if possible. like the picture

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Bony reduction of forhead

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This type of surgery requires a doctor who is trained in plastic surgery or facial plastic ENT surgery and specializes in this type of surgery. You need to meet with one of these doctors and then get an estimate for that doctor

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Forehead feminization

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Yes, there is a procedure that can reduce the amount that your forehead protrudes in profile and can dramatically feminize your face.  Typically, to achieve the best results, part of the bone on the forehead is removed, set back, and reattached.  This sounds dramatic, but it is very well tolerated and the recovery is minimal.  Not every plastic or facial plastic surgeon will perform this type of procedure, but then performed by one of us who does this regularly the surgery is very safe and complications very rare.  Your hair line can be lowered at the time of surgery to reduce the height of your forehead, and if you elect to have this performed there will be a visible incision at the top of your forehead for several weeks.  Eventually this heals very well.  If you do not want your hairline adjusted the incision is hidden back in your hair.  After this procedure patients typically give it a very high satisfaction rating.  Good luck. Bryan Rolfes, MD

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