Picosure while pregnant?

I had a picosure session done (on a pretty large area) with lidocaine cream and then found out the next week that I was pregnant. I am now REALLY concerned about the health of my baby. I was not planning on getting pregnant, and would have never scheduled this laser sesson if I was, and I am scared the ink breaking up in my body is going to hurt my child. I am currently about 5 weeks pregnant, and was around 3 or 4 when I had the removal season. Will my baby be ok?

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Picosure and pregnancy

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The laser does not penetrate deeper than the dermis of your skin and the fragmented ink is digested by macrophages of the immune system. You and your baby should both be ok. Anyways, do not continue with any laser removal treatments until you deliver your baby. Congratulations and good luck!

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Picosure Treatment While Pregnant

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While we would not electively schedule a picosure treatment of a tattoo on a woman who is known to be pregnant, I would advise you to relax and not too worry.  The pigment that is fractured by the picosure laser is digested by the macrophages of the immune system, and will not pose a danger to your baby.  The lidocaine cream is categorized by the FDA as a Category B medication, i.e., it poses no proven risks in humans. So the upshot is: don't do any more picosure treatments until after you deliver, but don't worry now. You will be fine. And so will your baby.

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