Ideal hair color for FUE?

Is it ok to pick the scabs on day 3? (Just kidding) My question is this: what effect does hair color have on the final result? I've read that you'll never have a youthful dense head of hair with fue. But what hair color + successful procedure gets you closest to the most ideal result possible? Is it better to have dark or light hair? Thank you!!

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Whats the best hair color for the FUE ARTAS procedure?

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The ARTAS robot is able to perform on dark hair, blonde hair, gray hair, very curly hair, and ethnic hair. With ethnic hair we use a 1.0mm punch instead of a 0.9mm punch. People who have white or light blonde hair need to have their hair dyed before (or we can do it in office) the Robotic FUE procedure in order for the robot to best visualize the hair follicles

Boca Raton Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Ideal hair color/texture for FUE

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it is wrong that you'll never have a youthful dense head of hair with fue. I can prove that with hundreds of my patient's photos. Dark , curly , or wavy hair gets better results after HT.But tricky point is dense packing FUE. During the placement of follicular units there will be a mixture of single, double and a few triple grafts, which help to create the soft look of a natural hairline. For the first few lines always go for single grafts, later doubles Triples and others.So that a smooth transition will be there giving undetectable hair transplants.

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Hair color

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The optimal combination for the fullest appearance is typically a darker scalp and lighter hair, where the contrast between the scalp and the hair is minimized.  In general, lighter or gray hair tends to provide a fuller look.

Does color of hair before FUE Hairtransplant play a role in the outcome?

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The color of hair in general does matter as far as giving the illusion of density, however for harvesting the grafts it doesnt matter. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair Color

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Hair color doesn't really play any part in the final result of the hair transplant. If hair is coarse and wavy it will take up more space and therefore more density compared to very fine and straight hair. However, darker hair can also create the illusion of density. For example, a person with black hair will look like they have more hair compared to a person with white hair even though they have the same amount of hair. . 

There is nor ideal hair color for FUE unless a robot is harvesting your hair. Robot cannot see

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There is nor ideal hair color for FUE unless a robot is harvesting your hair.  Robot cannot see white hair very well.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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