How many grafts can be extracted from my donor area? (Photo)

Hallo, i am 29 years old and need a hair transplant with about 2000 to 2500 Grafts. I attached some photos from my donor. The first pictures are with wet hair. My scalp skin skin is very bright and i have black hair. Do i have enough donor hair for the transplant? How many grafts could be extracted in total. I know i have to be checked by a doctor. Just a first tendency would be nice. 10 years ago i lost a bit of density in my donor , but i could stop it with propecia, which i am keep taking.

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Hair transplant graft number

First, I cannot see where you need the grafts placed. Assume it is in the front area but need photos of that area.   Next,  the question is not just a pure numbers question.  The texture, diameter, follicular unit density , and color of your hair and scalp all come into play with  regard to provide  determination for number of grafts recommended for  coverage of the bald scalp.  The real question is 'what is the fewest numbers of grafts I can use for a transplant and still give me a great result  ?’   The reason that is the real question is supply and demand - You have increasing demand and a limited suppluy for the rest of your life.  In the end the number of grafts needed  is only answered based on a personal consultation.  The fact that you are on Propecia, especially at your age, is EXCELLENT, because ongoing hair loss is the major problem you face at this time.  There are other good options for non surgical prevention of hair loss and maintenence as well.

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How many grafts can be extracted from my donor area?

Hi, Marco-- A better question would be, "how many grafts *need* to be extracted from my donor area (if any)?" Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the photos don't demonstrate any hair loss, so the only answer I can give you is "none." You might be better served by medical treatment than a hair transplant. But as you seem to be aware, you should be evaluated in person by an experienced hair transplant surgeon, one who exclusively or at least frequently (several times a month at a minimum) performs hair transplants. (HINT: If the home page of a doctor's website doesn't even mention hair transplants among the procedures offered, caveat emptor......) That said, assuming your situation warrants a transplant of 2000-2500 grafts, it is quite likely that your donor area would cooperate. As an aside, I disagree with the statement made earlier that FUE donor harvesting would give you "a higher chance of the grafts taking and being able to do a large amount of grafts in one sitting;" indeed, one could just as well argue that this claim applies to FUT/strip harvesting. I recommend that you see a surgeon who is comfortable with both methods and who can advise you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, I would argue that more important than the manner in which the donor follicles are obtained is the thought process that preceded their removal (i.e., patient selection) and knowing how best to use them in a hair transplant. Thanks for your question--hope this was helpful.Dr. Ballon

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Donor site available for 2000 grafts

From your pictures, it looks like you would have enough donor site for 2000 grafts. You can take about 10-12% of the posterior (back) scalp hair without allowing the human eye to notice a thinning. If you use FUE (follicular unit extraction), you have a higher chance of the grafts taking and being about to do a large amount of grafts in one sitting. You can never really know how many grafts can be taken until the posterior scalp is shaved and we use a device called a densitometer to actually count a sample of the area and extrapolate the amount of hairs available. You may not need 2000 grafts from your pictures and depending on what areas are being grafted. For the crown area, you can sometimes use less grafts if you have 3-4 hair grafts which can make it look thicker with more hairs but less grafts. Best wishes!

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How many grafts

Marco, thanks for posting.  I am glad to hear that you have started with medical management to stabilize your hair loss.  You should maximize medical therapy, including minoxidil, before considering transplant.  While it is difficult to say the total number of grafts you have available, you should certainly have enough for a first session of 2000 grafts.  Please see attached web reference. Good luck!

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Donor Harvest Capacity

Hello Sir,

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts. To begin, as has been suggested an examination by a board certified hair surgeon is reasonable and necessary. Board certification represents a dedication by the surgeon  to hair science and high standards of practice and treatments. A hands-on exam is essential to answer your question with greatest confidence.  

That being said,  your donor harvesting capacity appears to be anywhere from 3500-4000. The reason for my conservative estimation is: 1) Lack of an in-office exam, 2) Your short hair photos reveals a lower density subjecting you to hypopigmentation if you decide to wear your hair short, and 3) You are at higher risk than average for donor depletion if over harvesting occurs or an inexperienced surgeon performs your surgery.  

You have a wave to your hair that covers your occipital and temporal parietal regions nicely.  Additionally, Propecia is appropriate but please consider an Anagen induction agent like Rogaine, as well as low laser level therapy. You may consider Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

A competent experience surgeon is essential. Ask if the surgeon actually harvests the grafts and designs  and creates your recipient sites. Too many surgeons delegate hair surgery to technicians and that is the reason for poor outcomes in hair surgery. 


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How many grafts can be extracted from my donor area?

Thank you for the post. From judging from the photos attached, it looks like there shouldn't be any issues harvesting atleast 3000 to 3500 grafts, without making your donor region look any different. But now the real question is since we do not see any of the thinning areas of the scalp, recipient sites, the question becomes how many grafts are required. Thank you for posting your questions, hope this helps. 

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It would be best to see a doctor for an exam for your specific concerns. In general an average Caucasian male

It would be best to see a doctor for an exam for your specific concerns.  In general an average Caucasian male has about 8000 grafts they can harvest from their donor area in their life time.

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How many grafts can be extracted from a donor area

The average Caucasian has 100,.000 hairs or 50,000 follicular grafts of which 12,500 are permanent hair grafts and out of this number half can usually be harvested. To know for certain, you need to have your donor density measured.

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