Can stress affect the results of a hair transplant?

Dear doctor, i am having my hair transpant in a week and today I found out that there will be some changes around my workplace (some people might have to get fired or change city of work) so I am getting quite nervous if stress can perhaps make hair transpant fail or for the hairs tranplanted to get 'destroyed' by stress and anxiety somehow... Thanx in advance

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Stress Unlikely to Impact Hair Transplant

This is an interesting question. Stress-related hair loss has been a subject explored by researchers for years and, in certain cases, individuals may see an increase in hair loss during times of stress. But it is unlikely that your hair transplant procedure will be affected by the stress and anxiety you've described. You may notice some loss of transplanted hair after your procedure, but that is a normal part of the hair restoration process. I would discuss these concerns with your hair transplant surgeon, but I believe it's fine to go ahead with the scheduled procedure.

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In general stress can affect your physical well being. This may include hair loss. If you're concerned please contact your

In general stress can affect your physical well being.  This may include hair loss.  If you're concerned please contact your doctor.

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Stress and hair transplants

Stress can impact the hair you have on your head, your native hair but probably not the transplanted hair. This is more true in men then women who have more stress related hair loss even in the donor area

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