Fillers and Diet - does diet affect fillers?

Just wondering whether studies were made to find out how diet impacts filler behavior. I meam meat vs meatless diets, low-carb vs high-carb. It is not a burning issue for me, but it seems to be interesting.

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Fillers and Diet

Fillers have no effect on diet except for the fact that it you lose a great deal of weight you may lost it in your face and need more fillers.  Best, Dr. Green

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Filler and Diet

This is a great question! Diet does not affect fillers per se, but diet definitely can help reduce inflammation of the skin which leads to more wrinkles. Faster metabolizers also use up injected filler faster than those with slower metabolism.

Best of luck! 

Dr. M

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Fillers and Diets

Hello condorbird and thanks for your question!

Diets haven't been shown to affect fillers at all  except for two notable things. Losing a lot of weight can contribute to volume loss in the face and thus... make you look older. My weight loss patients will require more filler after the weight loss. 

Hyaluronic Fillers work by 2 fold.. There is bulk in what is injected into the tissue and the material attracts water which thus increases the volume even more. Some diets work by dehydrating your body... don't do those.. this includes those osmotic body wraps... 

Hope this helps and God bless!

Dr. Robb

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Fillers and Diet

There is no evidence that diet affects filler behavior or longevity.  In general, I do recommend a diet which is high in fruits and vegetables and low in carbohydrates and saturated fats.  For protein, eat more chicken or fish instead of red meat.  Taking fish oil is usually beneficial for the skin as well.  However, none of these things have been shown to affect fillers in the skin.  


Dr. Ort

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