Can estheticians administer injectables?

I've read several answers to questions regarding who can administer injections (i.e. restylane, botox, juvederm,) in the state of Texas. Some answers state it must be a licensed physician, and a couple answers stated that some estheticians administer them as well. Can anyone in Texas tell me what the regulations are, and where I may find specific reference to the law or regulation itself stating it is 'okay,' for aestheticians to administer injections? Thank you

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Who can inject?

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I am not aware of any states that allow non-medical personnel to perform injections legally.  There are states that allow PA, nurses, etc.  I would check with licensing board for cosmetology.

Who can administer injectables in Texas

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The Board of Cosmetology in your state determines the scope of practice for licensed aestheticians. You can call them and they will readily tell you. Having said that, I am not aware of any state in which an aesthetician is permitted to inject. Botox is a prescription drug and dermal fillers are medical devices. They are not sold to aestheticians (at least not legally). A medical degree is required-physicians, nurse injectors, perhaps physicians assistants in some states.


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