Can fillers turn the corners of my mouth up?

I've had juvederm and restylane, in the traditional areas of my face. Can fillers help turn the corner of my mouth up?

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Fillers for Downturn of the Mouth

Hi beckaroo1, thank you for your excellent question.

Juvéderm and Restylane, which are hyaluronic acid based fillers, are excellent choices to be used peri-orally.

The oral commissures (corners of the mouth) are strategically targeted with fillers to bring up drooping corners of the mouth. Also product can be placed in the area of marionette lines to offer additional support in the area.

Interestingly, if you have any midface volume loss, using Voluma (a more viscous filler with "lifting" ability) in the cheeks can also help bring up the corners of the month, in addition to softening nasolabial folds.

I would also consider a neurotoxin (e.g. Botox) which can be placed in the lip depressor muscles to help relax and lift the mouth.

A synergistic approach is best!

Best of luck,

Dr. K

Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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I agree that hyaluronic acid fillers (if placed carefully and correctly) can certainly turn the corners of the mouth up.

Firas Al-Niaimi, MSc
London Dermatologist
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Fillers for Turning Up the Corners of the Mouth

Dear beckaroo1:

Yes, fillers like Juvederm can be used to turn up the corners of the mouth.  Please see an expert injector for best results.  All the best.

Praven Chetty, MD
Kelowna Physician
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Treating the mouth corners

Absolutely. Cautious use of hyaluronic acid filler in this area, such as Juvederm, can give good results depending on your facial structure. Start with small amounts in this area, as overfilling can appear boxy and too flat.

Best to you,

Dr. Norcom

Derek Norcom, MD
Portland Physician
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Lip Fillers

Several Hyaluronic Acid fillers are available for filling, lifting, and/or plumping the corners of the mouth.  These fillers can be used to slightly turn the corners of the mouth upward, which can even the mouth or produce a slight smile at rest.  This offers the patient a refreshed and worry-free resting appearance.

Jesse E. Smith, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Down turned mouth

The corners of the  mouth can be pulled downward by over active muscles on each side.  The most effective treatment for this is to relax those muscles with an injection directly into them with Botox, Xeomin, or another of the botulinum toxin agents.

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

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