Which buttock implant is safer, cohesive gel or solid silicone?

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Which buttock implant is safer, cohesive gel or solid silicone?

   Solid implants do not carry the same risk of rupture and other implant related complications.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Cohesive gel > solid silicone

In my experience high cohesive gel butt implants, not breast implants, the ones designed specifically for intramuscular butt augmentation, feels and looks way better than solid implants, and as they are design for this area they are strong enough to hold the pressure without rupturing. The only problem those implants have is that they have not been approve by the american FDA so you will not find them in the United States.

All other countries of the world prefer this implant to the solid ones, And i'm completely sure that it will happen the same that happened with silicone breast implants. After of couple of year, FDA will approve this implants and will be the preferred implant Nationwide (USA). Right now if you want to have your surgery in the US the only option you have is solid silicone, if someone offer you  a cohesive gel there, do not accept it, it probably is a breast implant and those do not hold the pressure of the butt. 

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Luis Eduardo Redondo, MD
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Silicone gel vs soft rubber buttock implants

In short, silicone gel buttock implants are not FDA approved and thus not legal for buttock implantation in the USA. I actually see about one patient a month that had gel implants done in another country and, although they looked a felt great at first, they are now seeking revision because the implants are either visible on top of the muscle and/or deformed by scar contracture or ruptured implant. The soft semi-solid silicone rubber implants used in the USA are much less likely to have these problems if placed correctly under the gluteus muscle AND are considered permanent implants because they cannot rupture and leak silicone gel. Glad to help

Ryan Stanton, MD
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Which buttock implant is safer, cohesive gel or solid silicone?

Deciding on the proper implant type, size and shape can be difficult for patients as there is an array of options to choose from for your butt augmentation.

The only FDA approved gluteal implants in the U.S. are a solid silicone implant that comes in round and shaped styles. There is currently not cohesive gel implant approved in the United States for butt augmentation. One reason in the past when butt augmentation with implants had issues was that people were using breast implants and not gluteal implants that were specifically designed for butt augmentations.

The benefit of using an implant that has been FDA approved is that you know that there is high standard and safety to the implants. The process is rigorous to have the implants approved and that is done to protect patients here in the United States. The reason that the implants are a solid silicone is that they can take the abuse that our butt my encounter on a daily basis.

The round implants are the most common in the U.S. and in my practice. The implants will help shape your butt and hips to give it the projection and round figure that patient hope to achieve. Butt Implants are typically larger then breast implants, as peoples butts are typically larger than their breasts. In my practice the average butt implant range from 400 to 600cc. Please keep in mind that you cannot compare fat transfer and butt implants in terms of volume. Butt implants will give you much more projection and volume per cc than fat will do for your augmentation.

Once I know what you are looking for in terms of appearance and what you body can accommodate then we I will give you some implants to choose from and help guide you as to what is best for your aesthetic goals.

Discuss your butt augmentation procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentations.

Johnny Franco, MD, FACS
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Type of Implant for Buttock Augmentation

Thank you for your question.

Easy answer: solid silicone.

You want solid silicone for two reasons.  The proper shape is the first reason.  The solid silicone implants that are designed for the buttocks are the proper shape for the buttocks, as opposed to the cohesive gel breast implants which are designed for the breast shape.  The second reason is the rupture rate.  The cohesive gel implants would likely also have a high rupture rate from all of the pressure if you sit down forcefully.

Michael A. Epstein, MD, FACS
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Which buttock implant is safer, cohesive gel or solid silicone?

I have never heard of a gluteal implant that is cohesive gel/ All of the implants that I have placed are solid silicone. I would not use a gel implant because, in the buttocks, gel would not be the best material to use. The inly time that I have ever seen anything else used there is when I saw a woman who had had the surgery done in Mexico and she had saline breast implants that were very bizarre appearing. Solid silicone implants have the right softness and character for this area.

Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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Silicone buttock implants

The implants that are used in the United States for buttock augmentation are semi-solid silicone implants.  They are safe.

Steven Wallach, MD
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