Alternating 30% glycolic peel with microdermabrasion?

i get 30% gkycolic peel every two weeks. Can i alternate the perl with microdermabrasion (one week glycolic peel, another microderm)?

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Glycolic peel and microdermabrasion

Hi thanks to share your question.Definetely both can be undertaken on the same sitting .It has an added benefit and proven good results and increases  the efficacy of  the treatment .

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Alternating 30% glycolic peel with microdermabrasion?

Thanks for your query. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin and works on small scars and pigmentation. If you alternate with glycolic peel, it will give you added benefit as the peel will penetrate deep and will cause affect more.  You can even combine it the same day, as right after microdermabrasion, you can go in for glycolic peel, and this will also give you the same effect. Hope it helps.

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Glycolic peel and microderms

Thanks for your question. The schedule you propose seems a bit excessive. You don't want to stress your skin out so much that you get a complication, like hyperpigmentation. Have you considered the HydraFacial MD Elite? This is a multi-process facial which involves a form of microdermabrasion/chemical peel-yes a 30% solution is available in addition to 7.5% and 15%- and skin infusion of peptides etc...This way you get the benefits of all- you could do that every  4 weeks for great results and focus on your home skin care in between. If you are using a good medical grade skincare you will enhance and maintain your procedure results in between procedures. There are many spas in NYC with this device. 


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