21-year-old male with MPB. PRP treatments effective? Should I take Nutrafol vitamins? Should I take Minoxidil foam?

I recently went for a hair consultation with a well-respected doctor. I've had MPB for a few years now. My hairline has receded a good amount and the top has also started to thin. I'm not in the early stages, but I still have lots of hair. My doctor told me I should take Rogaine foam and Nutrafol vitamins (since I do not want Finasteride) and I will also undergo PRP soon. I'm afraid to take Minoxidil because of the side effects. Are Nutrafol vitamins effective? Is PRP an effective treatment?

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PRP Success

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PRP works well on all cases, some better than others.  It is most effective for miniaturized hairs.  

Its efficacy depends on the amount used, the techniques used, the activation of platelets in the PRP, and whether autologous platelet concentrates are also used in conjunction. 

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Prp effectiveness??? ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS NJ

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PRP is effective at decreasing hair loss, increasing the diameter of hair shaft and regrowing hair that has been dormant for less than three to five years. Nutrafol and Viviscal vitamins have shown to be effective. Side effects of minoxidil are minimal. However, minoxidil is only effective in  70% of patients. Qilib (the herbal portion)is a better choice. I believe it is prudent to start the PRP first and then determine if any additional therapies need to be added. Find a PRP expert. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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