2 weeks after FUE: Does it look normal? (photo)

Hello, I've undergone a FUE procedure because I was losing my hairline, which got even worse after a visit to my hairdresser who colored my hair and applied a keratin mask (not the Brazilian version but it didn't help my hair either as it changed its structure and it started falling out 2 weeks after the application). Does it look like I will be able to have my hairline back? It has been 2 weeks since the FUE procedure. Thank you for your opinion!

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It looks like you had a hair transplant procedure. There is nothing outstanding. If you are concerned it is best to follow up

It looks like you had a hair transplant procedure.  There is nothing outstanding.  If you are concerned it is best to follow up with your doctor.

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2 weeks after FUE

At 2 weeks your recipient area is looking good. Now you just have to wait out the growth, anytime between now and 6 months from now

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Able to have hairline back

Yes, hair grafting/ transplant be an option or forehead reduction and correcting  asymmetry on your frontal hair line/forelock. But, regrowing hair is thin, undersized and not bright untill 4-5 th months of hair transplant. İt's normal for new growing hair starting to get native characteristics, waviness, curl in first 4-5 months..This actually takes 10-13 months for hair to become full mature , as thick and bright  as native hair. 

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FUE recovery

Difficult to ascertain from the history provided but it sounds like you experienced some shock loss after your procedure.  This entity can occur in patients with pre-existing hair in the area of a transplant.  In the vast majority of cases this hair does regrow at the same rate that the transplanted hair regrows.    

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