If I want to pursue bodybuilding is a bbl or butt implants a good idea?

I am a fit person I gained enough wait to get a bbl. I love exercising I am afraid once I start working out hard again to attempt body building my butt will become flat again

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Bodybuilding: BBL or Butt Implant, which is better?

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Hi Dear!Thanks for ask.If you want to  pursue a body building, and if  you have sufficient abdominal fat and in your back, the most recommendable process I can show you is the BBL. Because you will look more natural, and even the recuperation is faster. By the way, when you do a BBL your butt looks more defined and very natural as I say before. BBL would be much better option.

Bodybuilding and butt enhancement...

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If you are bodybuilding, then BBL will probably be better for you because the implants can possibly move or be seen which doesn't look good. However, if you are bodybuilding  you probably don't have much fat, so it would be hard to do the BBL. Possibly a small butt implant could be done. Be sure to consult with a surgeon with a lot experience in buttock enhancement and go from there.

Which is better for body builders, BBL of Butt Implants?

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Both BBL and Butt Implants are an option.  Both have Pros and Cons.
With Butt Implants, if you are very lean, they can look very fake!
With the BBL, when you get very lean, your butt will shrink some.   However, the nice thing is that it will not shrink up to the size it would be right now if you were that same weight.   You don't make new fat cells, and they don't go away.   Therefore, if you transfer more of them to your buttocks, there will be a larger number of them there forever, and it will always be larger and any given weight than it would have been otherwise.   
I would vote for the BBL as a much better option.  

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

If I want to pursue bodybuilding is a bbl or butt implants a good idea?

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You can pursue body building and have a BBL. It should not be a problem. You should consult with a Board Certified PS with extensive experience in performing buttock augmentation using fat transfer. Good  luck!

BBL and weight lifting

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It is a personal choice as to when you would undergo a procedure.  A patient weight lifting can undergo a BBL.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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