What happens when you gain weight or loose weight after a Fat Transfer from stomach to butt? (22 Years old)

Weight Gain after Fat Transfer.

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BBL and weight gain

If you gain weight after a fat transfer the fat cells present may expand and make the areas appear larger.  

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Thank you for your post. When you are having a plastic surgery procedure you should really get to your ideal weight prior to surgery. If you are gaining and losing weight after surgery this can alter the results of your surgery. Minor weight gain should not cause any major changes.

Fat grafting to an area

The fat graph keeps the same characteristics of where it came from. If you have had fat transfer to an area and gain weight, you will gain it in that area as well. If you had fat transfer to an area and loose weight, you will loose weight in that area as well. This is why I make sure when doing a fat graphing to an area, I like to have my patients at an ideal weight and a weight they feel comfortable maintaining.

Weight Gain

Thank you for posting your question. On average, half of the transferred fat is eventually reabsorbed by the body. The remaining fat will behave just as regular fat cells do. They will shrink or expand in respond to change in weight.

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What happens when you gain weight or loose weight after a Fat Transfer ?

The fat cells in your body will fluctuate with your weight , just as regular fat does. If you loose weight , it shrinks , if you gain weight it grows. 

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Weight shift After Surgery

As a rule, it is better to get to and stay at a reasonable weight before and after any cosmetic procedure because it may affect your final result. Modest weight gain or loss after BBL should not have any ramifications. Good luck!

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