Is it okay to use Latisse in my eyebrows after an Eyebrow Transplant?

I used Latisse in my eyebrows for two years and then decided to get an eyebrow transplant about 4 months ago because I wanted to stop a Latisse in my brows. The hairs from the transplant are fully grown but they aren't as dense as I would like. Is it okay to use Latisse in the area that I want darker hairs on?

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Latisse and Eyebrow transplants

Yes, Latisse can be used on your eyebrows after 2 months post-op and will help with hair growth. However, you will have only started to see the growth in your eyebrows from the transplanted hairs at 4 months and will continue to see growth for the next 6+ months. 

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Latisse and eyebrows

Latisse is a good therapy for hair growth, whether lashes or brows.   However, at 4 months post procedure, your density will continue to increase.   At this point, the total yield of your procedure thus far, if it were done well, should only be about 20% or so.  Expect growth upto month 18.

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
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