Cold Symptoms 4 Days Before Surgery?

My TT surgery is on Fri and I have cold symptons today(Mon). My PS office called in ZPak which I started today. Should I go in for the surgery? I have a mild headache, a mild cough & a mild irritation in my nose and throat. My drs office said if I don't have a fever or redness in my throat, I will be able to get my surgery this Friday, what is the general consensus?TIA.

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Cold Symptoms 4 Days Before Surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns prior to your day of surgery. Generally speaking, patients undergoing elective surgery should be at their optimal (or close to) level of health prior to proceeding. It is especially important that there be no compromise of pulmonary function or active source of infection present.
Your plastic surgeon will be the only relevant resource when it comes to determining your ability to proceed at this time.
Best wishes.

Sick before planned surgery

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Thank you for your question. If in the unfortunate circumstance that you get sick before your surgery, you may have postpone your surgery until you are better again. If you are feeling sick, I would discuss with your surgeon who may help you decide depending on your individual symptoms.


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As long as you do not have constitutional symptoms with fever and chills and your airway is not irritated then you are OK. Remember this is elective surgery and can be rescheduled

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Sick and Tummy Tuck

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        If no fever or chills, this may be reasonable.  However, with tummy tuck, coughing or sneezing may hurt more than after other procedures, where plication is not performed.

Tummy Tuck Surgery and Cold Symptoms

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Sounds like your surgeons office is advising you correctly. It is good that you let them know in advance, they do not want you to have any complications.  Hopefully it is only allergies and you will be able to proceed with your surgery, but if it needs to be rescheduled be grateful that your safety comes first. Good luck.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 81 reviews

Surgery with a cold

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You really won't know for sure until the nite before surgery. If you have a fever or feel really lousy the. Night before surgery, your surgeon will probably recommend waiting til you are better. It was wise if you to let your surgeon know well in advance of the surgery so they can make alternative arrangements if needed.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Cold symptoms do not always indicate a cold....

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You may not be sick and this may simply be allergy related.  It could also be the beginning of the flu or other illness.  This is where the judgement of your doctors is needed to make this decision.  Medicine is art and science and there is no absolute right or absolute wrong answer.  Most things in medicine are a vast gray area which require trained physicians to make judgement calls.

If your doctors feel it is safe and you do not have a fever or other concerning symptoms it should not be a problem. 

Dev Wali, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Sick prior to elective plastic surgery

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In general you are correct, if you are feeling well, have no fever and no redness of the throat and pharynx then it is okay to proceed with elective surgery.  On the flip side if you are ill prior to surgery your recover will be rough and may impact your final result.  You will be checked by the anesthesia department prior to surgery and if you are not ready for surgery it is best to postpone it to another day no matter how inconvenient it is.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Cold Symptoms 4 Days Before Surgery?

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If you are feeling close to normal and have no infection, it is probably ok to proceed. If not it would be safer to postpone. Safety is paramount.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Should I have surgery if I have a cold?

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Dear LA007,

My feeling is that if you are not 100%, it is best to postpone this sort of surgery.  If you are keen to proceed, then you could go and be assessed by the anaesthetist on the day, but be prepared to be cancelled.  It is likely that they will not be able to get another patient in to your slot at such short notice, so you could always go along and see them - as long as you don't give them all your cold!  Get well soon.

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