Will my hair grow back after stitches?

I fell and had to get stitches( 4) about a month ago ...the scar is there which I'm not bothered about but the hair around it hasn't grown back so I've a bald patch (if I shave it ) I have left my hair grow since so the extra long hair is covering the patch but I normally have a shaved head so this is bothering me ...I read some where that it could take up to 6 months to grow back properly...is this correct? I was thinking of getting hair transplant if it doesn't grow back as I'm really paranoid about it

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Scars and hair growth

In the scar itself you likely will not get hair growth. Around you scar you likely can get hair growth as long as the follicles were not transected.  If the scar was tightly closed with sutures and if they are left on for over 10 days this can strangulate the edges of skin and cause further scarring.  We call those vertical little lines railroad sign.  We usually close our scalp surgical scars with staples in addition to closing with a trichophytic closure such that the scar is less visible.  I would wait at least 6 month to see how the scar looks.  If it is not acceptable, you may have the scar revised and closed using a trichophytic closure or other methods that are available for repair of scalp scars. You can see more in our websites.

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In general hairs do not grow on scars. If there is a chance that hair will grow around the scar, it may take up to one year to

In general hairs do not grow on scars. If there is a chance that hair will grow around the scar, it may take up to one year to find out.

Scalp MicroPigmentation or hair transplant may be an option.

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Scalp Scar Repair

Wait for about 6-8 months to see if the hair will regrow. If the wound transected the hairs they will not regrow. If pressure of repair was to tense it may or may not grow, should wait and see. If no hair growth after year you may be a candidate for scalp scar repair.

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Scalp stitches

You had scalp stitches and have seen hair loss and a scar. You will not know for 6-8 months if the hair will grow in this area. Wait it out.

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Temporary hair loss

You are most likely experiencing telogen effluvium or "shock loss."  This occurs quite often around sutured areas.  The tension that is created around the injured area can sometimes "shock" the hair into falling out.  You are right that it can sometimes take many months for the hair to return.  There is a chance though, if the area was very tight that some of the hair that fell out may not return.  I have seen this and the hairs are often times those directly around the sutured area.  If this is the case, then hair transplant would be a viable solution for you.  If you are shaving your head I would recommend doing FUE to obtain the grafts.  I still would wait 6-9 months before thinking about surgery.

David Josephitis, DO
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