Pain with Biting Beginning a Month After Filling?

I had a deep filling, and after a few days of sensitivity, it felt fine for a about 2 weeks. Yesterday, it started to hurt upon chewing. it feels sort of like it did when I first got it filled. It is not sensitive to cold or heat. Should I wait it out and see if it gets better again? Might I need a root canal? What could be wrong?

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Relieve filling discomfort

Hi, thanks for your question!  Even with the precision available in dentistry, it's not uncommon for a filling to need to be "adjusted" after it's placed.  Keep in mind too that patients are typically numb when they have fillings, and their bite is checked at the end of the appointment (while they're still numb).  Although sometimes it's spot on, once patients get home, are eating things again, etc., they may be aware that tweaking is needed (and sometimes it takes some time to realize this).  And, it can take numerous visits to get things "just right".  Checking with your dentist about this would be a good first step--although it still may be the result of other issues, at least this is a way to rule out your bite.  Good luck!

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Pain After Filling

This could be an issue with how the filling was placed, it could be that decay was deep enough to cause infection of the pulp or there could be a crack in the tooth. It's possible that the filling is high and needs to be adjusted. I don't think you should wait, see your dentist for an exam and x-ray. That's the only way to find out what the problem really is.

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Pain on Biting

Your pain could be a number of causes.  Cracked tooth, Abscess, or bite issue. You definitely should see your dentist to evaluate the tooth and determine the best course of action.

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Pain on biting?

Have a radiograph done, if WNL consider a medicated filling called and IRM if radiograph not WNL consider a root canal good luck


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