Is there somebody that can help me build up my ridge again above eyes? (photos)

have had forehead recontouring with Dr noorman van der dussen in Belgium.He shaved on places we didnt discusse.I think my eyes are too open view now,it doesnt fit rest my gives a fenimisch trait to my face. Iam searching for someone who can work with pmma ore hydroxyapatite bone build up the part under the eyebrow up a bit again, When that is lower again it will make my face more manly again. Iam open for other suggestion how make eye region more manly again.

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To put back what was taken away

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It is possible to go back through the same incisions the bone reduction was performed and build back up the areas that you would like. This can be done with various materials including custom implants, PMMA, HA, or you may want to try something even less invasive like a filler material to start and make sure you indeed want the contour re-augmented before another surgical procedure is performed.

Brow Ridge Augmentation

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Certainly though the same access as the brow bone reduction was done the brow ridge augmentation can be performed. Whether that is done by any of the available bone cements or even infra brow implants is a matter for discussion.

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