Is it serious that I have protuding brow bone? (Photo)

Is my brow bone is normal or it is protuding? Oftenly, during starting of winter or in winter season i have problem of frontal sinus infection. Is this sinus is cause of my brow bone protudation. Should i need to worry?

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Frontal bone protruding

Thank you for your question. In some patients they just have a large frontal bone. In rare situations it can be from acromegaly which is from a benign pituitary tumor that excretes too much growth hormone, or a benign bone growth, fibrous dysplasia. It's interesting that you have recurrent frontal sinusitis as this could imply an underlying inflammation within the sinus, bone infection (osteomyelitis), or expanding mucous collection (mucocele) or a slowly expanding sinus because the drainage pathway is too tight (pneumosinus dilitans).   Most of these conditions can be diagnosed by a sinus CT scan. Consult with an otolaryngologist experienced in sinus disease management.

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Frontal protrusion

Hello! Frontal bossing is not uncommon and almost always benign- it simply is a result of your genetics and the way your face develops. You have a deep nasal root (radix) that makes this look even more apparent. If you have concerns about sinus infections, it is best to see an ENT for evaluation and possible CT scan. If you want to soften the apparent protrusion you could consider a cartilage graft or even filler at the radix (the hollow where your nose starts). Good luck!

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