I have a weird forehead with a bumpy brow bone, big nose and a fat jaw which I hate (Photo)

How do i treat these things and ehat are the prices what is the best thing about my jaw and i live in the uk, i want to reduce all of them thank you!

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Bumpy brow bone, nose and jaw

In order to contour your forehead and jaw (angle of jaws), you need to have the bone to be taken down both on the forehead and jaw.  By shaving down the forehead bone, the brow bump can be reduced, forehead smooth. You will have scar in the frontal scalp.  To reduce the mandible, an incision is made inside the mouth and bone on the side of the jaw is removed to smooth the angle of the jaws.  Best,Alex Kim, MD

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Brow Bones, Nose and Jaw Angles

What you are seeking is a brow bone reduction, rhinoplasty and jaw angler reduction. These are all surgeries which can be done and can even be done during a single operation, The best way to get accurate pricing for the surgeries is to submit a specific request with pictures to they doctor to whom you want to do the surgeries.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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