Nerve Injury After Chin Liposuction?

I had liposuction under the chin 25 days ago. I have this throbbing /stabbing pain on both sides of my jaw, The incision it has a hard knot very painful that goes down both sides of my neck . I can't open my jaw very much and turning my neck both ways to drive is hard. I feel stiff. I have put ice and took take for inflation. I feel like I have nerve damage. I feel miserable ,the pain is affecting me been able to function at work and taking care of my family

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Your symptoms are unusual for chin liposuction

It is not clear why you are having these symptoms.  You should see your plastic surgeon!

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Nerve Injury After Chin Liposuction

     Your description does not sound like the normal postoperative course, and you should be examined by your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Nerve damage as a result the chin liposuction is extremely rare and should completely recover.

I'm not sure why you are experiencing such significant pain after liposuction of the chin and neck. This is almost unheard of in may mean that there was bleeding into were damage of the muscle in the neck. Any nerve damage would be blunt and should recover completely. Keep in touch with your surgeon as he manages you through this protracted convalescence.

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Pain after neck liposuction

Thanks for your question.  Although this is more than likely normal post-operative swelling and pain after liposuction, I would recommend an evaluation by your surgeon to see if he/she can guide you in recovering from your procedure better.  Keeping your head elevated and wearing a compression garment will help with the swelling.  I hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

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Altered Sensation of the Tissues after Neck Liposuction

Your descriptions of such symptoms nearly one month after neck liposuction is must uncommon in my experience. Most of these symptoms are due to the trauma to the tissues that is still healing and the scar tissue that forms early in the healing process after liposuction. The trauma to the nerves that you have is to those tiny enrves that affect feeling or sensation and their recovery is often associated with some of the symptoms that you described. You should eventually have a full return of normal feeling but it may take up to three months until that occurs. You do not have nerve damage to a motor nerve as that would be evident in a palsy or weakness of the muscles that help pull the lip down.

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