I Can Feel my Neck Muscles After Chin Lipo - What Should I Do?

I can feel my neck muscle (with my hand) after chin lipo. I could not feel it before. I feel it right in the middle of my neck like a straight line going from my adam's apple to just under my chin. It is very tight now. Before it was not. When I look up, I really feel the tightness. Should I keep stretching it by looking up? Should I massage it? What can I do?

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Chin Liposuction

What you are feeling is probably the healed tissue around the surgical area, and some of this may also be due to more exposure of the muscle now that the fat is reduced.  Massaging and some stretching exercises will restore your range of motion.

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Chin liposuction results

It sounds like you may be having some scar tissue formation in the front of the neck. Stretching and massage and time should help. If this worsens your doctor may consider steriod injections to the tight area or even refer you for ultrasound treatments to help soften the areas

Hugh McLean, MD
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