Navel Area Tightening Procedure?

I am very athletic and I maintain a healthy, low-calorie diet. My body fat is low, but lately I've noticed that the skin surrounding my navel is a bit loose. I have a flat and tight stomach and I can even see abs, and I haven't had children, so I don't think a Tummy Tuck is suitable for me. Also, I really don't want a scar. Is there a minor procedure for tightening the skin around the navel?

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Tightening skin around the naval

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This is an excellent question. Many women have this issue-a little loose skin around the belly button but do not need full or mini-tummy tuck. Do NOT have any procedure that attempts to surgically remove this skin around the belly button. The scar will not be good. I cannot emphasize this enough.

The best thing for this is to try a non-surgical skin tightening treatment like Titan. This is usually available through a dermatologist. I have seen good improvement by this method although, like anything else, there are no guarantees. Hope this helps.

Tightening of the navel area and periumbilical abdominal skin

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There are many safe options to tighten the area around your navel and abdominal wall. However, none of these options carry a one hundred percent guarantee to eradicate loss skin in any given area.

An abdominoplasty procedure is the gold standard for abdominal tightening. However, in some early cases, a combination of external skin tightening with lasers and Endermologie have been shown to qualitatively improve the skin.

Not a great non-scar option

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I agree with Dr. Di Saia that there is not a great "non scar" option here.

Most involve trying to induce some level of skin tightening.

In my practice patients with these issues sometimes elect for skin excision. Usually these scars can be well camouflaged in the belly button.

Outside of those options ultrasonic or laser lipo with minimal fat removal may give you a more reliable and dramatic improvement compared to Thermage.

I hope this helps.

Steven Williams, MD
Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

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Thermage might be worth considering

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Thermage is the one procedure with a long enough track record to consider for this problem, though there is no single answer that works for everyone. Definitely consult with someone who has experience doing body procedures with Thermage so you will at least have that information to compare.

Simple umbilical tightening procedure as alternative to tummy tuck

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Your request is very simple and common but the soluton is very complex and not very simple.

The answer is non surgical for tightening skin around umbilicus

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I would not recommend any surgery for this. We use Velashape to tighten skin around the umbilicus or in the lower abdomen. Hope that helps!

Non-surgical skin tightening best option for loose skin in navel area

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Avoid umbilicoplasty and other surgical procedures in the navel or belly button area to tighten loose skin. The scars are visible and skin puckering always happens, leading to further surgery and bigger scars in an attempt to correct it.

Since you do not need a tummy tuck the best option is non-surgical skin tightening.

I use the LuxIR Deep. At high power settings around 100 significant skin tightening can be achieved. You will need multiple treatments, about 4- scheduled 5-6 weeks apart

It all depends on the degree of skin laxity

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For minor skin laxity, you could try the Accent device, which is a RFA (Radio Frquency Ablation) laser. More severe laxity will likely require some open surgical contouring procedure.

Not a reliable one.

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There is not a reliable "tried and true" procedure for this problem. Research this carefully before doing anything.


Best Regards,


John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

May consider Percutaneous collagen induction

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One thing that you could consider is a process known as percutaneous collagen induction or PCI. This is a process of making literally hundreds of needle punctures of the skin. The needles are hubbed at 2 mm. The process of creating a confluent mass of needle punctures is an activation of the natural healing cascade. The needle puncture creates a small cleft in the skin. Blood then accumulates in this cleft bringing in platelets which release Transforming Growth Factor (TGF). This acts as a stimulus to promote the depostion of a natural lattice of collagen and elastin. This has been shown to tighten the skin over a period of 4 - 6 months. A web search for PCI will give you more information.

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