Will suture knots dissolve after mini and neck lift?

It's been three months since mini and neck lift. I have about five suture knots right below the surface of skin in front and below ears. I called the PC office and was told they will either dissolve or come to the surface like a "black head". Is this a normal concern? If they pop thru the skin, what do I do? I am traveling and will not be in my home state for another two months. Thank You for your help!

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Sutures and mini facelifts

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It is possible that the sutures underneath the skin can come through the skin after a mini facelift procedure. If the sutures do come through the skin, they can be easily removed and the area should heal normally. It would be unusual, if this left a scar or any mark in the area.

Unfortunately, if you're going to be away from your home state during this time, you may need to see a plastic surgeon at your current place of residence, this should be a rather easy issue for a qualified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon to handle.I hope this helps

Suture knots after mini facelift

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Suture knots are usually caused by absorbable sutures that are present under the skin.  These sutures are important as they hold the final result in place for months deep under the skin.  Sometimes these sutures dissolve and sometimes your body will 'spit' them out.  There are several sutures so if 4 or 5 work their way out, it's perfectly fine.  Communicating with your surgeon, as you have, is the best treatment. 

Mini face and neck lift

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Thank you for your question. Typically these sutures are designed to dissolve. If one works to the skin surfaced, it should be removed and the wound will heal secondarily.

Takes time

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It can take time for sutures to disslove.
PDS sutures may be felt for perhaps 6 months or a year after surgery.
If they are visible, your PS will have to help.
If they are not visible it is best to wait it out.

Suture knots

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By three months post surgery, most dissolvable sutures should be dissolved. If this is truly a dissolvable suture than what you may be feeling is your body's reaction to the suture in the making of scar tissue. If, however, there is a black or blue color to the suture, this may represent a permanent suture that may need to be removed. Only your plastic surgeon will know what type of sutures were used.


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You should have your surgeon evaluate you to ensure these are knots you are feeling and that they will dissolve.   If they are only palpable and not visible, it may be fine to wait until they dissolve.  If they are also visible, you may need to have them removed. 

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