Nair On Bikini Area and it Burns?

I used Nair down in that are nit to long ago now it only burns when I use the restroom....should I be worried or will it go away in days time with Vaseline or something...if not what products could I use without going out and buying something

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Nair or Neet on perineal skin

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If these products can digest hair, they can also be very irritating to moist skin in the perineal area.  Rest assured the irritation will subside but if you are seeing any erosions, pustules or scabbing in areas accidentally treated you should see a dermatologist to determine any need for further treatment.  Have you ever considered laser treatment of unwanted hair?  No need for any chemical burns after you do this!

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Nair burned bikini area

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Nair should not be used directly on the labial folds or anywhere inside of this region. It is for the pubic bone area only, and there only under extreme care. Nair can cause severe burns if used improperly. I would suggest you see a physician as soon as possible to determine what has happened. Vaseline will help moisturize it, but you could potentially have a severe burn and need prescriptions.

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