Is Four Weeks Too Long to Wait Between Second and Third Laser Treatments?

I aim to start my hair removal treatment next week and I can do up to two treatments before I go away to Spain for three months, as I will be tanned I will have to wait a further month before I can continue my other four treatments. Is this gap too long? I am unsure whether to start next week or wait till after I come back from Spain?

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Time Between Laser Hair Removal

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You have not specified what part of the body you want laser hair removal treatment.  You have to wait for your next treatment when the hair is in its growths state. This is because the laser only damages growing hair follicles. The ideal time to wait for laser hair removal on the face and neck is 4 weeks. If getting the treatment on the body the ideal wait time is 6-8 weeks.

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Time between laser hair removal

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Lengths between laser hair removal depends specifically on what areas are being treated. If you are doing the legs for instance, every 3-4 weeks would be excessive, as leg hairs take much longer to go through the growth stages. Only active hair follicles can be treated by lasers. Facial and underarm hairs should be treated every 3-4 weeks. Make sure you visit an office who doesn't treat every area at the same interval. This is not good treatment protocol and makes me wonder what kind of training they have.

Time between hair laser removal

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The laser only damages growing hair follicles. Some of you hair follicles are asleep and do not get damaged when sleeping by the laser. On the body, every 8 weeks is the common interval. Doing it earlier, might be a waste of you time.


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