Just had my wisdom teeth extracted. Do I have to wait to begin invisalign treatment?

I want to set up a consultation for invisalign as soon as possible once I find a provider in my area. I had my wisdom teeth extracted (all 4) on December 27th. I didn't have stitches and it is beginning to heal nicely in my opinion. Do I have to wait until it completely heals to start treatment? I'm not sure if the holes in my mouth will be an issue.

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Start your Invisalign, ASAP

I think it would be a great idea to start your Invisalign immediately.  This is because it takes a few weeks for the doctor to receive your trays from Invisalign after the intial Invisalign appointment.  This waiting period after your initial impressions would give your extraction sites plenty of time to undergo primary wound healing.  So, don't delay.
Sarah Thompson, DMD   O'Fallon, IL

Saint Louis Dentist
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When to Start Invisalign

It is best to start the invisalign ASAP.  That way they can move the second molars backward before the sockets fill in with bone.  Hord to advise further without photos.  Good luck

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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