How Do I Make my Two Front Teeth Look Less 'Goofy'? (photo)

My teeth have always made me very self conscious - they are too big. I have had invasilign braces and now wear a fixed metal retainer. I recently went to a cosmetic dentist but she told me my teeth were absolutely fine - that she would never consider veneers (I don't want them!) and she would not want to file them down. However, she did suggest rounding off the edges - which she did and now I feel even more self concious than before as the front teeth now look even more prominent. Please Help!

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My front teeth look "Goofy"

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You do have very prominent central incisors. Unfortunately, the only way to bring them into a more proportional shape to the rest of your front teeth would involve porcelain veneers on at least your front 6 teeth. I'm not suggesting you do this, unless you are extremely unhappy with the looks the way they are now.

New York Dentist

Make my teeth look better?

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I think your front teeth are TOO big and I would have done some reshaping of them during Invisalign treatment.  It would have provided some room for the crowding and would have made them look better without damaging the teeth if done correctly.  If you have recently finished Invisalign you might be able to do a refinement and get this done

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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