My Temporary Crown Came Loose. Can I Cement it? Going to See Dentist in Ten Days?

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Best to see your Dentist

You should ideally try to get in to see your dentist to have the temporary recemented.  It is important to have the temporary on the tooth to protect it until the permanent crown is ready to be cemented by your dentist.  For some reason if you are unable to get in to see your dentist, you can go to the store and buy an over the counter temporary dental cement to recement your temporary crown, but this should only be done if you cannot get in to see your dentist.

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See your dentist ASAP

Thanks for your question.  Temporary crowns are meant not only to cover the area prepared for the crown itself, but also to help maintain the spacing of your teeth so that the actual crown will fit properly.  A dab of Vaseline underneath should help hold it on there temporarily (avoid chewing on that side of your mouth), but definitely schedule to see your dentist asap nonetheless--take care!

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Go See Your Dentist!

Depending on the situation, you may have a hard time putting this temporary in yourself. If you were my patient, I would want to see you and make sure everything was OK, so call you dentist and see him or her as soon as you can, do not wait 10 days.

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Recementing a temporary crown.

It can be done. You can buy temporary cement over the counter and place it your self. But it is not recommended, as you may end up placing it wrong and that will be a problem.  If possible visit your dentist sooner and get it done the right way.

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Also, you may want to use a home remedy to get by until you get the temp cement. Vaseline creates a seal and some degree of holding power for cosmetic purposes...just not enough for chewing purposes.

Best wishes for a speedy re-cementation visit.

Dr. Bill Williams

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Can I Recement a Temporary Crown ? I will see the dentist in two week?

Of course you can.  You need to go to the local grocery or pharmacy and pick up temporary cement like Denttemp.  Buy two or three doses of this, because it may come out again before you see the doc. Sometimes denture adhesive or even sugar free gum can work in a pinch, but the Denttemp is better. Make sure you clean out the crown and clean the tooth you are placing the temporary.Then make sure both are dry and practice placing the crown a few times without the cement so you get a feel for this. Then place the cement in the crown and place it on the tooth and bite down and hold in place. Make sure you floss and clean off all of the excess cement from the tooth and tongue an check. Brush the tooth and rinse.  Thats it! Make sure you keep your dentist appointment and have him seat the permanent crown, Julian, and good luck!

Can I recement temp?

Yes make sure you put it in the same way as you take it out. Try it in first to make sure it feels okay. At the local pharm. you can find dental temp. good luck




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Loose Temporary Crown

Why not see your dentist sooner? You can buy some temporary cement in a drug store, and try to recement the temporary crown yourseelf. It is difficult. You must make sure both the tooth and crown are properly cleaned and that you are placing the crown in the exact way it was meant to be. If you are aware of biting on the crown after you cement it in, that means it was placed incorrectly and you should remove it ASAP. Get to a dentist!

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