Can a Tummy Tuck Repair This?

I lost about 85lbs. About a year ago.i used to weigh 285 and now weigh 200. I am 6'1" and im 16y/o. I am wondering if a tummy tuck could help me get rid of this extra skin/fat i have left over. I have kept my weight consistent for about four months and i diet and exercise. If a tummy tuck cant repair this, could liposuction, a mini tummy tuck, body contouring, what other options may work for me? Thanks!

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Tummy tuck can repair and tighten loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss

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Thank you for your question. A tummy tuck is an excellent procedure to remove loose skin from the abdomen after significant weight loss. If you have only loose skin and not a lot of leftover fat on your tummy then the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is the proper procedure.

Liposuction and other nonsurgical procedures will not be effective for tightening significant loose skin.

At 16, and my state you would need parental consent to have the surgery and I would suggest you weight until you are 18 and have finished growing before considering cosmetic surgery.

When you are ready be sure to consult at least 2 plastic surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, experienced in tummy tuck, and who have an excellent reputation in your community.

Abdominoplasty with Mesh Reinforcement to prevent weight gain

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Abdominoplasty with Mesh Reinforcement is a new technique that mechanically strengthens the abdominal wall with the use of mesh.  There are several articles published recently in Plastic and Reconstructive Journal describing this technique.  The advantage of this technique is that it helps reduce weight and maintain the reduced weight.  Certainly, you do not want to regain the 85 lbs you lost.  This technique provides the advantage of removing the hanging skin and reinforce your abdominal wall to prevent you from regaining weight.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Can a Tummy Tuck Repair This?

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I do not can see some photo, but it is important to maintain your weight one years at list, continue your diet and exercise, and wait. 

Maria Cristina Picon, MD
Argentina Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck after weight liss

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I would wait a few more months then consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to understand which combination or variation of tummy tuck you will need to achieve the best results.

Tummy tuck after weight loss

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Good job losing the weight. Ideally you should be at your goal weight before having body contouring surgery. An extended abdominoplasty may be all you require. If the skin of the lovehandles or the buttock becomes lax with further weight loss a lower body lift may be required.

Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring after weight loss to evaluate you and help you understand your options.

I hope this was helpful

Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS
Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon
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Best Operation for Abdomen after Significant Weight Loss?

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 Congratulations on achieving a significant weight loss. 

Generally speaking, patients who have had this degree of weight loss benefit from tummy tuck surgery, as opposed to liposuction surgery or mini tummy tuck surgery. I would suggest that you continue your diet and execise program and achieve a long-term stable weight prior to considering surgery.

 When the time is right, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons; ask to see lots of examples of their work.

Best wishes.

Tummy tuck after massive weight loss

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Congratulations on your weight loss!  That is a major accomplishment.  After those kind of weight changes the skin will hang loosely about the mid-section. A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) is a procedure that is designed to remove the loose skin, tighten the abdominal muscles and contour the waist and torso.  I would seek out a board certified plastic surgeon that performs tummy tucks after massive weight loss.

Can a Tummy Tuck Repair This?

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I can't be sure of the precise nature of the problem without some photos. Saying that, I can speculate based upon seeing many patients after significant weight loss, that  tummy tuck can dramatically improve your appearance. IT will remove excess skin as well as adjacent fat, and can tighten the abdominal wall if that too is needed. 

If the skin excess continues around the back a more extensive skin reduction would be needed. 

Liposuction will not improve the areas which have too much skin.

The best way to get your answer is with a consultation.When you ready for an in person consultation, RealSelf has listings of surgeons in your area. You should consider cross referencing the listings from the The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (plasticsurgery dot org). A listing in the ASPS website assures you that your surgeon is not only board certified,  but also is a member in good standing of the major plastic surgery organization in the U. S.

Thank your for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck after Weight Loss

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-Congratulations on losing so much weight!  That is a great accomplishment.

-The tummy tuck operation (abdominoplasty)  is a nice procedure that is designed to remove excess skin/fat and "tighten" the abdominal musculature in order to provide patients with an improved abdominal contour.

-It is very likely that an abdominoplasty could rid you of the extra fat and skin that you are left with after losing so much weight.

-Sometimes liposuction may be used in conjunction with an abdominoplasty to further improve contour.  However, if a patient has a lot of excess abdominal skin, liposuction alone will be unlikely to improve the abdominal contour, and it may actually make things look worse.

-Definitely meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out which options would best suit you.


Best of luck to you!

Massive weight loss and tummy tuck

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Without a photo it is impossible to determine what surgical approach would be recommended.  A tummy tuck procedure will remove extra skin and fat across the front of the abdomen, from hip to hip.  If the  redundant skin that you have extends around your hips towards the back then you would need and extended procedure.  This would probably take the form of a belt lipectomy which is like a tummy tuck that continues all the way around.

The problem with most massive weight loss patients lies in the excess skin.  Liposuction or other minimal procedures won't be of much help.

Good luck,

Douglas Hargrave

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